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In the United States:

Michelle a.k.a. shellybell30721

              Does the most wonderful add-ons to my basic patterns.  Check her out on ebay!


In the United Kingdom: 

SHARON a.k.a. SBJ2 Member of the Cotton Candy Crochet Sellers Group!

Sharon is a wonderful person to deal with; she has many customers, so get those custom crochet orders in early! 

Check out her new website!

Precious Newborn Knits

                        Customers Worldwide Welcome!


If you feature Crochet Items from Jeannine's Patterns, request to be listed on this page!


Dictionaries specific to crochet

Crochet Memories, Crochet terms in 6 languages

  Foreign Language Equivalent 

The following is a table of crochet stitches and their equivalents in U.S.A., U.K., French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

This should help in deciphering crochet patterns written in other languages.

German Deutsch
Chain (ch)
maille en l'air (ml)
cadeneta (cad)
Luftmasche (Lftn)
punto catenella
single crochet (sc)
double crochet
maille serree
punto bajo (pb)
Feste Masche (fM)
maglia bassa (m.bassa)
double crochet (dc)
treble (tr)
bride (br)
punto alto doble (pad)
Stabchen (Stb)
maglia alta (m.alta)
half double crochet (hdc)
half treble (htr)
demi-bride (demi-br)
punto alto (pa)
Halbe Stabchen (h.Stb)
mezza maglia alta
triple crochet (tr/trc)
double treble (dtr)
double bride (d-br)
pubto alto triple (pat)
stabchen (D-stb)
maglia altissima
 slip stitch (sl st)
slip stitch (sl st)
maille coulee
punto enano (pe)
maglia bassissima
picot (pi)
pikot (Pi)
cluster (CL)
cluster (CL)
puntos altos cerrados en el mismo punto
front post (FP)
front post (FP)
double bride en relief avant
punto alto triple en relieve por delante de la labor
vorderes Maschenglied
in costa davanti
back post (BP)
back post (BP)
double bride en relief arriere
punto alto triple en relieve por detras de la labor
hinteres Maschenglied
in costa dietro
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